Friday, November 04, 2005


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There is a lot been said about making money online. But, let me tell you this. Money can be made online. Even if you own nothing at all.

I used to be fully homeless. Completely on the streets. I had lost everything due to my company going completely broke. Life on the streets is very tough, and one needs to learn quick. You learn to eat from dustbins and you learn that a dog is a man's best friend. In this period I had no other means of income than to try and get one online.

Why online? This is what happened when I went for help after loosing everything. It happened at the social security office: The lady behind the counter adviced me to go and rob a bank. This is what she said! She said I had more chance on getting some money robbing a bank. And then she went of for lunch. I knew I had to do something my self. I did not want to do anything illegal, so I started to think of what was possible.

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I knew out of previous experiences that making money online was possible. This could save me! I then used the free Internet services from libraries etc to browse for something that could help me.
I actually found four programs that would suit me. But, there was a big but. They cost money. Believe me or not, but when you are homeless you have a lot of spare time. When you use this spare time wisely, you can actually get somewhere. Even when you are on the absolute bottom. I started to collect empty bottles. For the money that I earned returning them to the shops, I bought my first money making program. It took me a while but it started to make me money!

To make a log story short, I used the money that I made with this program to invest in the other programs.

The next month I was living in an appartment!

Now, 9 months later, I am making a steady $7,000.00 - $9,000.00 per month. The amazing part is, that most of my time I am not spending on working. (nor collecting bottles) My programs take only a few hours of my time per day. I work them in my own house, overlooking the river I once walked while I was homeless. I still walk past the river, now only to walk my little Jack Russle. He is my everything.

This is what happened to me in a short story. The main essence from the story is:
you can make serious money online when you want this.
If you are interested in the programs I use, I have posted them on my blog.
As I have told some more people of this, they tried it and it worked out the same for them. If a homeless man can do it, what is your excuse not to?

Do not hesitate to contact me, I will answer all your questions!

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Well folks, I can only tell you, when you register, you will make that money!
It is that simple!

For those who are skeptical: They all offer a full money back gurantee!!

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Have fun, and good luck!

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